About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Nandika and I am best known as a Reader, but I have always wanted to write. That sounds like I had something stopping me from doing it, and there was – I stopped myself. I always thought of writing as a serious activity, I still believe it is, and that you have to have something important to write about, which I still believe as well.

Seriousness and Importance are two subjective elements and over the years it took to understand and utilise that fact, I began writing free from my own judgement. I now have a blog and here you are!

  1. Book Reviews: Reading is my serious business. It’s one of the few things I am passionate about on this planet. I write about what I have read and offer you my perspectives through my reviews.
  2. Series: I create a series from time to time, related to reading or writing, mostly. Let me know if you have any ideas for them!
  3. Thoughts and Other Jazz:¬†Here you’ll find me dipping my toes into multiple categories ranging from my Reading&Writing experiences to a collection of Words.

Reading is akin to breathing for me and I yearn for the day reading helps me pay my bills. That’s the ultimate dream! Dreaming At My Desk¬†was born out of my belief that everything begins as a dream; it begins with an idea and transforms into reality when we work hard on it and fuel it with our passion. Most of my reading and dreaming takes place at my desk – a customised personal space that allows me to work towards my goals.

And now, a part of that space is here for you to engage with, fellow Dreamer!

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