Review: The 5 AM Club (Robin Sharma)

Author: Robin Sharma

Published: 2018

Language: English 

Genre: Self-help, non-fiction

Rating: 4/5

What I think book shopping is going to be: a calm day out, or online sometimes, looking through endless options, reading blurbs meant to sell the book and happily going home with, or waiting for a home delivery of, a mountain of books, with no budget in sight.

What I actually do when I’m book shopping: walk around, or browse online, in the sale section hoping I find books that are on my list (or anything interesting) and within my self-imposed spending limit for that month or year or for a particular edition/condition.

Truth be told, I have barely ever paid full-price for a book in my collection of 350 odd books. Sale or second-hand is my haven of choice!

That’s how I chanced upon The 5 AM Club in an Amazon deal-of-the-day section. I had a vague idea about it and I never thought of picking it up because I couldn’t imagine myself waking up at 5 AM to do anything, let alone join a club, even theoretically.

However, I am now glad that I did read it. It’s thankfully not a cult that Robin Sharma has envisioned; it’s more of a suggested practice that you can modify to your speed and space. The 5 AM Club sounds like your walking into a fancy seminar, on the contrary it’s a good old manual.

It’s tricky when it comes to reviewing self-help books because it may not be universally helpful. I enjoyed it for the many models he has put together that will serve me like Lego blocks, all available to me to mix and match and build a routine of my own. And you can do the same of course.

Here’s where I find a lot of readers apprehensive about being caught in the self-help section. It doesn’t mean that you are incapable of figuring yourself out. It’s just like trying on someone else’s clothes before you invest in your own. It never harms you to test out an idea; toss it aside if it doesn’t work for you. If you go through enough ideas, you’ll eventually know what combination works for you.

Here’s how I am going to use the learning from The 5 AM Club:

~ Select three models that can be accommodated into my current routine.

~ Test the remaining models for short periods of time to see if they’re relevant to my goals and habits.

~ Revisit models based on changes in goals or routine.

I’m going to keep this simple for now because this is the type of book that needs more than one read. It’ll stay with me over the coming years, I hope. I gave it a high rating for its practical and intelligible content. What are your thought on it, Dreamers?

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