70: The finish line

All through school and college, you’re asked to finish what you started and not leave tasks halfway. You’d be motivated to do thanks to the report card that’d be handed to your parents at the end of the year. There’s no such thing once you leave those institutions. You become your own examiner and it’s hard to be tough on yourself.

This series has shown me that I can be accountable to myself, I can be productive and I can own what I put out into the world. These are aspects I used to count as pitfalls earlier, but I no longer think or feel that way.

Thank you for sticking around for the series, Dreamers! It’s been a lovely activity in cultivating a writing habit, no matter what head-space I am in that day. The fact remains that writing is a reflex that you can develop over time; it’s an ability that you can keep or lose based on how much you choose to exercise it. So, I’ll continue on my journey to enable others to do the same, hoping you’ll meet me at other finish lines as well!

Series : What's On My Mind?

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