69: I have always wanted to do that.

Meander. I have always wanted to meander. I wanted to meander through the woods, though I didn’t have any around me, when I was reading too much Enid Blyton. I wanted to meander through the empty roads at night when I grew a little older. I wanted to meander through a jungle, hoping not to meet a T-Rex, when I was watching Jurassic Park over and over again.

I still want to do that, however now it’s only because it sounds much better than wandering around. They are synonyms, you know.

Here’s what else I have always wanted to do:

  1. I want to elucidate concepts or ideas instead of simply explaining them.
  2. I want to be able to articulate well in French instead of being fluent like everyone else.
  3. I want to dispose papers or other materials instead of throwing them away.
  4. I want someone or something to kindle a thought in me instead of just inspiring me.
  5. Once in a while, I would like someone to sway me with their arguments instead of just trying to influence me.
  6. I dare sounds to reverberate instead of simply echoing.
  7. I would like to quiver when I see a wave come crashing to the shore instead of standing there shuddering.
  8. I would like to look around to find people in a pensive state instead of finding them in deep thought.
  9. When was the last time you thought to decipher something instead of just figuring it out?
  10. I would like to savour moments that I share with people instead of carelessly enjoying them.

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