68: You’ve got one month left.

Our French professor greeted us and cheerily declared, “You’ve got one month left!” It’s one thing to tell us sternly that we’re running out of time for our certification exam, but it’s quite unnerving to have him be happy about it. He’s excited about it because he believes in us. We’re worried because you can never be prepared enough for the big day.

A part of me thinks I can do it for there are 1080 hours between me and exam, but that’s just a total of hours, not the total hours I’ll spend studying. Another part of me thinks it’s better to wait and appear for the exam in time. The part that’s at the forefront is the one with her head on fire, running around in circles; this one counted all the hours I didn’t spend studying and it’s a terrifying number.

I will calm down, hopefully soon enough to compose my ever-famous list of topics to study, which I shall tackle day-by-day. Until then, I’ll mull over the fact that I have one month left.

To distract myself, I’ll count off all the things I’ve achieved in 30 days. That’s a reasonable coping mechanism, right? What would you do?

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  1. I guess, instead of counting days for the big day, I would do my best possible preparations. I would not think of the result. Will just focus on the action part.will leave the outcome to itself


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