67: Find your pace in anything you do.

On a daily basis, I come across people trying to be better than the person sitting next to them or a counterpart they have in any space. I understand how it is to be competitive and petty because I do dabble in that art at times. It’s very easy to point at someone else before owning up to your mistakes and it’s very easy  to yank on someone’s leg and send them tumbling down the ladder you’re trying to climb.

Sometimes have to learn to dodge those falling off the ladder while you climb at your own pace. So far, I have never said you should have a steady pace; you will have to pick up the pace if you see a few rungs empty and waiting to be occupied or slow it down if it’s too crowded on the ladder for anyone to do anything.

To clear up another assumption about ladders, I’d like to point out that they exist in spaces other than that related to your career. It could be your relationship with your family or your pet, or maneuvering lanes in traffic, or learning something new, or relearning something you thought you were an ace at. You’ll find challenges or they’ll find you.

You’ll find challenges or they’ll find you.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ladder all the time. It could be synonymous to trying to reach something on the top shelf, looking for the best route on the map to get to some place, an obstacle course in kindergarten or simply fighting the urge to be too lazy to grab the remote on the table in front of you.

Picking my pace and having the conviction to stick to it is the biggest challenge I have to face in anything in that I do. I find myself wanting to emulate other people’s routines or habits and it never works out.

When I was a kid, I had, and I still do have, the ability to grasp information with little to no effort. I can memorise content, routes, songs, words, faces and places, at times involuntarily. I used to think everyone could do the same things I could. It’s different for everyone. The realisation hit me when I found people who had more of this ability than I did; I then noticed people who didn’t have this ability at all.

Everyone has their own pace, goals and means that they’ll use to achieve the same; it is up to you to find your own pace, play with what suits you best and be willing to change it up to go further than you planned or cut it short before you reach your goal. The challenges are always evolving and we’ll just have to catch up or fall back.

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