65: Let’s face it, shall we?

There are moments when you know for a fact that something has gone wrong, that you have said something wrong or something is about to go to pieces. It’s like waking up from a bad dream or losing your hearing after an accident. You see it happening, but you can’t stop it.

It happens when you know you are lying and you can feel the words unravelling as you speak them. You can’t slurp those words like noodles back into your mouth and save everyone some misery.

It happens when you wrong someone without meaning to. You’re either trying to save them from something or most of the times, you think you’re saving yourself. You know you could have used the honesty card, but you save that for later in the game. More often than not, the game ends before you use it.

It happens when you know your choices aren’t leading you anywhere, but you shake off that numb silence to fill it up with empty words to assure yourself that it’s all fine. And if that isn’t enough, you set out to show or tell people that you are fine, even when they didn’t want to know.

On some days, it happens all the time. All the facts gather to beat you up in an alley because you have been running away from them for so long.

Take facts one at a time, and you’ll really be fine. It takes courage and stamina to face truths about yourself that you don’t like. Perhaps, you’re trying to change something about yourself, or you’re trying to make up for something you have done, or you’re on your way to present a fact to someone else, and it won’t be easy, but it is gratifying.

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