63: The joy of invisibility

Genies are often the best characters in a story because they urge the other characters to do things they wouldn’t normally do and thus lead to disasters that we remember well. The temptation that the classic combination of three wishes offers doesn’t seem to die even a little; it’s been thousands of years since it started out and here we are today wishing for wishes.

When I watched cartoons wishing, I certainly did, too. No matter how many times I would wish on three imaginary wishes, one of them used to be the power to be invisible at will. There was something about it that I thought to be fascinating and I would use this power in so many ways in my imaginary dimension.

Thanks to the power of invisibility (and of imagination), I was able to spend a couple of nights in the school library, I was able to go for a walk in the middle of the night, I was able to sit by lions, elephants and giraffes and observe them for as long as I wished to and best of all, I was able to do this all by myself, without human interruption. My imaginary dimension still exists, though I don’t visit it all that often.

Now, as an adult (I hope I can call myself that), I wish to be invisible for other purposes. I now have a dimension of possibilities that I visit on a daily basis. It’s a place where I play out situations and conversations and observe from a distance. I wish to be invisible now to be able to observe the people I love, the people who inspire me and at times, the people who no longer exist. I wish I could observe people in their element and learn from what I can see.

Invisibility is a luxury in today’s age, but it could be affordable. You need to be creative, though. I have my ways of being invisible from time to time, and it’s refreshing. Here are some of my tried and tested methods:

  1. Shut Up: The less stimuli you offer to the world to react to, the more time and space you have to yourself. You can use this time to observe anything or anyone you wish to. This doesn’t work when you are the listener in a conversation; you better be paying attention then!
  2. Find A Hole: Have you ever seen rodents rolling in the grass? NO. They find holes to live in and no one bothers them, unless they are the Pest Control agents. So, find your haven of a hole, maybe in a coffee shop, or a mall, or a garden or a shed. You find it and tuck yourself away. Take time out for yourself and sort your mental shelves out.
  3. Zone Out: Pick a hobby, take up a sport, sing in the rain, go for a run, take care of your pet rock, read like there is no tomorrow – whatever it is, find your zone and mute everything else for a while. It’s worth it. And it’s delicious.

If you have your own ways of doing so, leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Loved this post.Sometimes, I too become invisible. I want to cut off from everyone and want to be alone. This is the way I become invisible. Though normally, I love people around me

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