59: The Classic Writer’s Block

On days when thinking is too much of a task, I surf YouTube/Netflix to find something inspiring or I go through plain old grammar or even a dictionary. Yes, all of it is true.

I stop the reading for a day, lest I steal ideas from authors. I look for elements that push me to think or to create. Whatever I pick up, I know I will hit a wall at some point, but that thought doesn’t worry me. I have my ways and methods that I know will help me out and if not one, I just switch to another.

The ones I mentioned here are my top three methods. I watch movies or TV Series, to witness human thoughts or emotions and write my interpretation of the same. I may write about my experiences or what I wish to experience.

Grammar is route number two. It has rules and then it has exceptions; those are what I seek out. It’s probably more to learn that I read or revise grammar, but it is also to improve my writing in a way. So, when I am not writing, I am looking at ways to bring something new to it when I write another piece.

Dictionaries are under-rated, in my opinion and it’s my favourite method on-the-move! What better way is there to overcome a wall than to use words to climb over or dig under it, or better yet, break the wall down.  Skim through a dictionary, like you would through a book, and you’ll find words to surprise you, intrigue you and provoke you in one way or the other.

How do you overcome writing walls? Kindly comment down below!

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