57: Of pottery and patience

I have always wanted to try out pottery and create something out of scratch. There is serenity involved and I believe it will teach me patience and concentration. I have watched multiple people spinning away on the potter’s wheel and building up their creations like magic. I can watch pottery videos for hours on end and it’s absolutely soothing!

There are no moulds you can depend on and no shortcuts either. It’s a lovely blend of mind and body, like meditation perhaps. It looks like a physical manifestation of a thought. Maybe, I am complicating it, but that’s how I interpret it; that could change once I try it!

I like textures, especially that of clay. I love using my hands when I paint, instead of brushes and I have always loved playing with wet sand. I hope to try pottery at some point this year or whenever the opportunity arises.

What’s something you would love to try, Dreamers?

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