53: There’s no time to waste.

I find myself contemplating time quite often. I look back and try to look ahead, while enjoying the moment I am currently living in.

Picture this: you’re 6 and you don’t remember much of it; then you’re 16 and full of ideas; then you’re 26 and you count the milestones as you go, with some dreams on their way to fruition and some still waiting in your pockets and diaries.

We do have all the time in the world, but it’s like a game of Twister – you don’t know which move will knock you out. It’s quite pessimistic when I think of it, but I prefer that to unrealistic optimism. Why would I be waiting for things to come to me when I can spend some of the time I have been given on chasing my dreams. Let’s think in Twister terms again – the game doesn’t go on if no one makes their move. I have made it a point to keep making my move, irrespective of the result.

We are consumed by results so much so that we freeze our moves, forgetting that while we do so, we can’t freeze time. If anyone reading this is contemplating a decision, consider a couple of results and move towards one. The more you move, the further you get, even if you fall back a few steps. There’s no time to waste; there’s all the time in the world waiting to accommodate your moves.

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