51: How are stories written?

People meet, things are lost and found, places are forgotten and relationships stand the test of time. All of this and more put together make up stories that we listen to time and time again, but we still listen. I am a sucker for a good story.

I finished watching Modern Love today and it’s one of the best series I’ve watched in quite some time. I may watch it over and over going forward. The plot was beautiful, simple and airy. There wasn’t an air of greatness or complexity around any of the episodes and the last episode made my heart soar. All I have had on my mind all day is the question up there in bold – How are stories written?

What if i narrated my life so far to someone and they had to convert it to a short film? What moments would get highlighted to be the plot twists and what bits would qualify to become breadcrumbs? I also wondered if I would be honest in the process of narrating my life, maybe and maybe not, especially around the bits where I have made an ass of myself. I would however start with the best moments – the ones that changed me, empowered me, hurt me, made me.

It’s easy to start telling a story, the ending is an art in itself. How do you pick up all these pieces and form a well-fitting mosaic? If we knew how stories ended, would we pay attention to any part of it at all? I don’t think so. It’s the simple reason why we slide to the edge of our seats or sink back into the seat, all in anticipation of a good ending. It’s all about that feeling for me, the one a story leaves me with.

Whenever I write my set of stories, I would love to leave my readers with that certain feeling, whatever it is. I want them to be able to recall the feeling and wonder how I wrote my story.

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