50: I made it halfway!

I am doing a mini-celebration with Oreos! I picked a 100 days to write, to begin with, but who knows what the rest will turn out to be. Stay tuned to find out 🙂

Writing has come to me in waves since I was eight years old and I have always enjoyed it. I loved noting down dumb daily details and I would also write short silly stories about nothing and everything. I would illustrate alongside when I could, but they were mostly disastrous. It’s been more writing, less sketching then on.

I came up with the What’s On My Mind? series to be able to pour out my thoughts as they come without committing to a journal and keeping it all to myself. I figured that if I put it out for the world to read, it would be a commitment to my Dreamers.

Speaking of all of you reading, thank you, Dreamers! We are 125 strong and I hope our world continues to grow. There is so much to come and I hope you stay with me as far as I go!

Series : What's On My Mind?

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Reader. Learner. Dreamer.
I am all about the little things in life!

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