47: Let it in.

You passively learn a host of things, either by observation or background experience. There are times when I have to stress to recall where I must have come across it. Whether I recall it or otherwise, I am just happy to have learnt it.

One such things is letting someone take care of you. We are actively taught multiple ways of taking care of someone, we are taught to modify care if need be and we are taught to be patient in the process. Funnily, when we are on the receiving end of care or help, we forget that the person is taking time out and doing the best they can, or even better that they remembered to care.

It could be the little things – someone making eggs the way you like them, someone getting you that book you had on your list, someone handing you a pencil when you forget to get one – and of course, there’s the big picture or life itself. No matter the situation, you should remember to let care and help in. It may not come to you in the ways you asked for it and it may not come when you asked for it, but it’ll come and it almost always does; we happen to miss it because we are fixed in the way we look out for things.

So, open up your windows. Breeze from any one of them is breeze after all.

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