38: The clock is ticking.

We are constantly running out of time. We are prone to wasting time. We wish there was enough time to do everything in the world. Time is slipping through our fingers.

How is it that we have so many tools to measure time and we still manage to lose track of it? We have a record of every single time period, from a millisecond to a decade and more, and we worry about not having enough time. It’s like preparing a meal for 50 people and worrying that it won’t suffice for 10!

We are worried about not having enough when we know exactly how much we have.

The only time I see time as an uncertainty is when it comes to life itself. I don’t know how long I’ll be here on Earth, but I do know I have 16 minutes to post this before the day renews its cycle.

Simply having this thought on standby puts so much of my daily activities into perspective. We’re all running on a finite clock; it’s only the possibilities of what we do, in that time, that approaches infinity.

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  1. I loved this post. I hear people saying they dont have time. I believe, there is lot of time. It is how well you manage it. Rather, I say, if you have too many things to do, prioritise them and do them accordingly. Iam not saying do the important work first and leave the other. I hate when people say they dont have time. At present, Iam too in a different routine which needs 5-6 hours. I am having time for this new routine and Iam able to manage my previous work too. It depends on how well you utilise your time


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