34: What’s the worst that can happen?

I thought I’d buy a pair of shoes online and I was wondering how they would turn out, all the while knowing that they offer easy returns and replacements. It’s such a tiny decision and with a great offer staring me in the face, it shouldn’t have taken me too much time to click Buy Now.

 There are so many moments that are lost in analysis. In my case, it’s over-analysis. I convince myself that I am spending quality time inspecting all the angles of the problem and that it’ll be a foolproof decision or outcome. It’s the best and worst habit sometimes. If I were to purchase an oven, it’d make sense, but if I did the same for a pair of oven mitts, what’s the point?

The past two years have been an excellent exercise in What’s the worst that could happen?  I am more definite when I express my preferences and when I offer my piece in a discussion. I know I’ve given it as much thought as required and the worst that can happen is that I get turned down, rejected, fired or ridiculed, in most situations. They’re all results I can work with.

I apply said question actively. Certain decisions boil down to this one question and it makes it so easy once I have an answer for it. It’s a black and white weapon in a grey world.

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  1. Yes….what’s the worst that can happen? Once you know the answer, you might not freak. When it is the question of life and death, we can understand. But taking decisions on small things sholud not take much time and more analysis. May be think little and decide. If the decision was not right, you might learn something out of it. And if the decision was right, it makes us happy.

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