32: Thanks, that’s for me.

Imagine your McDonald’s order got mixed up and you just let it go. You are sitting there, adjusting with a McVeggie when you really stepped out of the house after a week of moping to cheer yourself up with a McChicken meal.

Nope. Not the best day.

All you had to do was grab politely placed your hand on your tray saying, “Thanks, that’s for me”. Simple.

We let people walk over us in the smallest ways that chip away at our confidence. I hate that I let that happen to me, at some point, and I hate it even more when I watch someone else going through it.

If you’re beginning to see it now, take responsibility. Take that song back. Ask for your favourite shirt back. Don’t give your car keys if you don’t like other people driving it. It’s not about saying no, it’s just about reserving some things just for you.

Adjust when it’s healthy, not when it’s just about the opposite person making it easy for themselves. Now go enjoy your McChicken.

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