31: Hold my hand.

First day of school, kindergarten I think, and I didn’t want to be there. I wasn’t happy to be there. I remember most of the kids crying and I joined in because it felt like the normal thing to do.

I will never forget waiting to go home that day. I kept looking outside and I wondered why I was left there and when I would see my mom and dad again. All through the day, we were supposed to be making friends and having a blast, but I was scared. I still am uncomfortable in crowds.

During lunch, my classmate came up to me to share her food and I loved how she didn’t say or ask anything. When we went to the playground a while later, she held my hand and it was comfort at its best.

To this day, I can’t replace what holding someone’s hand feels like and that’s the first thing I find myself doing when someone needs it. I always held my sister’s hand when she was teeny and she’d stop crying and I’d love that feeling.

You don’t have to have a speech ready to be there for someone, you just show up. You could hold their hand, you could just sit across from them or you could just stay silent on the phone and listen. It’s just about letting someone know you’re there, however you choose to do it.

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