30: Step outside, look within.

The way the wind picks up when I’m on my bike is exciting and calming at the same time. I love taking a longer route sometimes, just to feel the wind some more.

It’s the same when I am on the terrace, out for a walk or sitting in my balcony, I love feeling the air move about me. I forget how much I love being outside, till I actually get there. I aspire to be a proper morning person, and I believe I already am, but I oddly find myself studying, reading or working late at night.

The air and the sun are my top two elements. I can’t get enough of them; it’s no surprise that I love sitting on the shore more than swimming in the ocean.

The more time I spend outside soaking up the elements, the easier I find it to look deeper into myself. I step out to look in. It’s my way of physically being objective. It works wonders and even if I don’t find the solution to something, I reduce it to a manageable bit to chew on later.

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