29: Why do you need so many sticky notes?

Whoever has asked me this question till date sure did get one thing right in asking and it’s that I do, in fact, need sticky notes.

I made my own sticky notes in school before Post-It ever made it to my city or country. I used to have scraps of paper, neatly cut and ready to be stuck or stapled into textbooks or practice notes, in case of information overflow or study tips I’d leave for myself.

Imagine my joy when I realised that I could shut down my single-handed manufacturing unit!

So there you have it – I need sticky notes because I organise the hell out of my work and study and it sparks joy, pure joy. And yes, I will be five notches above cranky if you think they are colourful pieces of paper that I decorate my notes with. They are the most useful tools, second to my writing instruments, on my table and forever they shall be.

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