28: How is she able to do that?

When I was 8, I met a lady who could type at the speed of lightning and baked the best muffins. Of course, I didn’t know what speed of lightning meant at that age and I also considered baking to be a form of magic, for how else do you explain these boring ingredients turning into something made for the gods?

That lady was awesome, in my opinion, and I still think she is, wherever she may be. Her skills, or in my 8-year-old self’s words ‘superpowers’, were what made her worthy of awe to me. She’d say she needed a minute to send out an email, which was still a novelty back then, and she’s actually only take a minute to type it out. Then she would zoom back to the kitchen to bake some glorious mulberry muffins from scratch and fresh fruit from her garden. It was like something out of a story.

At that age I thought that we’ll all just figure out what we are good at. I probably saw it as going through different levels in Super Mario; you could never tell what Mario could do till he did it.

Over time I observed that this lady would be at her computer and in the kitchen every single day without fail. Up until then practice was punishment; she made it look like a reward. I thought to myself while reading that if I read every single day, I’d know all the words in English and I’d read books faster, which would mean that I’d finish reading all the books in the world. I was clearly eight years old!

The extrapolation may have been unreal, but it holds true. Practice is thought to make you perfect, however it makes you knowledgeable, in my opinion. You just know and do better, if you do it regularly. That’s how she was able to do it.

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