26: End it with ice-cream.

We used to have long days in college, lecture after lecture, hurried coffee and lunch breaks, no sleep and endless assignments. I’d go back to my room and feel overwhelmed, then I’d knock some tasks out of the park and feel great and on some days I’d do nothing.

I loved climbing up to the water tank and watching the sun set. Then it’d become dark and quiet before all the college students decided to go get dinner. In that one hour, I’d just sit and watch the colours change, sometimes looking up from a book or counting off pieces of chocolate.

On the best and worst days, that water tank is where I used to spend that one hour. I’d then descend and skip the hostel dinner. Why would I eat something awful on the best or worst day?

I’d put on my sneakers, grab my wallet and take the longest route to a shop that sold the best blackcurrant ice-cream shake EVER. No matter how erratic my day would get, that flavour could never waver. It was a beautiful note to end the day on and I may just do that today as well. Different city, different ice-cream shop, but same ritual.

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