25: Why I have a mid-tempo playlist.

I had a hundred thoughts racing through my mind last night. I had a post to write and I couldn’t recall the thought that had been on my mind all day; it left the building the moment I sat down to chat about it.

My playlist came to my rescue. I listen to music while working, studying, writing and going to bed because it sets the pace for all the activities I do. I, typically, do not enjoy doing something too fast and I have the tendency to do things too slow, so my mid-tempo playlist evens it all out.

On days where there’s too much to do and too little time, I even measure out tasks in songs. Two songs for a shower, fours songs to get to work, five songs to complete a report, and so on. With that mid-tempo working it’s magic, I get so much done without any irrelevant thoughts creeping in. My playlist is an air-curtain that way!

What does your playlist do for you?

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