23: Drop it like a hot potato.

Someone in the 1800s said it first and they did a great job giving birth to an idiom like that. Since I was born much later, I learnt a version of it from my trusty partner, Mr P. He always, always, always asks us to drop unpleasant situations and thoughts like they’ll harm us, case in point like a hot potato.

I am putting this out there because one of the things we forget to drop is self-criticism. It’s too much fun to pick at our flaws like we pick at our scabs. We know they’ll go away in time, but we are in too much of a hurry. We are so quick to highlight mistakes and not as quick when it comes to highlighting achievements.

Before we go on, here’s a request: please appreciate yourself first, instead of waiting on people to get around to doing it. They will. But you can get to yourself first. So please, do it.

So today, here’s what is on my mind:

  1. I have a sense of humour that is based on bad grammar and spontaneity. I am the most spontaneous when it comes to cracking a good joke! I will try out stand-up comedy someday. What’s the worst that can happen?
  2. I have a photographic memory, quite a superpower. I use it to my own benefit whenever needed.
  3. I believe colours define people and I love me some basics. Blue and black are my absolute jam. Just like the colours, I love being the backdrop than the stage itself. I’d love to help someone else shine, especially those who want to.
  4. I sing at the top of my voice in my helmet when I am riding by bike, of course (not like a crazy person walking around the house in a helmet, just belting it) and to some extent, I am a good singer. Just too shy to showcase it. Heehee.

That wasn’t so hard. I love these things about myself and I hardly admit or acknowledge them, which is pathetic. I didn’t have to necessarily put them up here, but it’s here for you, whoever you are, so you can see that achievements aren’t trophies; they are just milestones in your journey to figuring out why you are on Earth,

So, why are you here? What makes you amazing, Dreamers?


~ Today’s post is dedicated to my love, Mr P ~

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  1. Hey girl, I too sing inside the helmet…its so surprising!!
    Also, I learnt from Nannu that you should appreciate yourself. Love yourself! And Iam happy I do now

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