22: Here’s why I make my bed.

You know how those quotes tell you to do things for yourself? They present self-care and self-love in the form of taking a day off, putting on a mask, doing things by yourself and the likes.

Self-care is quite subjective, don’t you think? All of the activities above hold true for those who enjoy them. I have a specific skincare routine that feels like a vacation! However, I save that for the dump days.

What I do on a daily basis, though, to make myself feel my comfortable best is making my bed. It’s such a concrete feeling once I tuck every side of the sheet tightly into the frame, fluff the pillows and fold the blanket with all corners aligned. It’s like completing a puzzle early in the morning. I can’t solve a Rubik’s cube to save my life, but I sure can make my bed.

There’s nothing like coming home to a crisp bed to sink into 🙂 The weight of the day wears off and even though I make my own bed, it feels like the elves helped me out. It’s  the one thing I do, no matter what, and I shall always do so.

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  1. Unlike you, I don’t know if I like making my bed. But definately, I love a neat bed, without a fold on on it. It feels so great to see a neat bed, when we are back home. It really makes us fresh. Not only bed, the house on the whole. Before we go out, if we clear the things, we feel so relaxed when we come back home.

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