21: Mood change in progress.

I wish we could say that to people when we are trying to shift from one mood to another. The only snag in doing that is that people get worried when anyone is in a mood other than ‘happy’. There is this constant pressure to not upset anyone by appearing remotely upset. Yes, we are asked out of concern, but it gets a little tight at times. It’s a fact: we are on a spectrum and either end isn’t healthy. Hence the mood swings!

While we will continue facing questions, I thought I would share my ways of turning my mood around to suit my tasks:

Walk. Skip. Dance. Freeze.

Pick your way of expending or generating energy to get the process started. It’ll look like you’re exercising or meditating, which is essentially what I am suggesting, and there’ll be lesser room for questions. Just tell people you can’t keep smiling while the barbell weighs you down.

Memorise a song.

This will require some prep! Pick a song and learn it well. When your mood goes to crap or when you’re in a great one, play it and lose yourself in it. You’ll be pulled in since you know the song so well and you can’t not sing it.

Look out a window.

This is my favourite move. Find a window, look outside, find someone or something to observe and you’ll be on your way from there. You’ll know why it works when you try it.

Be horizontal.

Don’t sleep, just lie down. Spread your limbs out and breathe. It’ll feel like the heaviness evaporates. Also, keep it brief. Two to five minutes should do it.

I have come to stick to these ways because I can pull it off almost anywhere. It works for me and hopefully those around me.

What do you do?

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  1. When the mood is good, we dont think why it is good. But when you feel low, then we try to think why we are feeling so. When my mood is not good, I ask myself, why Iam feeling so. Everything is fine na. Then I tell myself, everything is fine. Slowly, I start to feel good. Try it….

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