19: Coincidences aren’t always happy.

 All of us have had moments where we are caught saying or doing something we won’t normally say or do. It becomes awkward and there may be some explaining to do.

The universe has a funny way of setting an obstacle course full of such moments from time to time. I don’t know what the purpose is, but I do know it’s tiring and that’s the closest I’ll ever come to the Olympics.

You go from crashing into one hurdle and then stumbling over your own feet, all while being watched by someone or the other. You come across like an absolute fool explaining that this is just a bunch of coincidences and that you are usually better than what you seem like right then.

Adding fuel to fire, you start explaining how you’re better and after such a series of unfortunate moments, you look like you’re making it up like some petty criminal who’s trying to talk his way out of a night in jail.

It took me too many sets of coincidences to learn that it’s better to let those days or months pass and to trudge ahead no matter how much you want to turn around and set it all right. It’s like trying to clean walls while there is a sprinkler full on paint on in the room. How much will you clean up and for how long?

Coincidences aren’t always happy, but they make for a good break in a pattern. We need that, don’t you think?

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  1. When there are too many coincidences, for good or bad, its very difficult to explain. But I guess, there is no need for any explanations . Time will tell .

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