18: Day One is always tough.

If you’ve been reading my posts, you already know that I take up way too much to do and end up scraping through or failing. Success is more of an acquaintance right now.

What I am trying to say is: I have had A LOT of Day Ones. The silliest bit is me expecting each Day One to be easier than the last. I bank on my experience and think I am going to breeze through the next first day, but that’s rarely how the day turns out.

I overthink & over-prepare or  I freeze & forget basics. It’s not the best combinations, but that’s all my store offers right now. The inconvenience is regretted.

And we have now reached the segment where I tell you how I navigate Day Ones. Read on!

Going head-on causes accidents.

Stop with the plans, people. I only remember this once I have made my plans, but it’s helpful no matter when it comes to you. Just dive in. The moment you make a plan, everything freezes. Treat Day One like a new classmate. Let them open up to you at their pace. Making plans is like attacking your new classmate with a questionnaire. That doesn’t end well.

Switch gears.

Would you like to run in the dark? If you said yes, skip this point. If no, then wait till your eyes adjust to the dark. Then maybe you can dart for it. Let a pattern make itself visible to you and you will not find it if you stare too hard. We’ll be on high alert on Day One because we don’t want anything to go wrong. Look for opportunities to do things right instead of watching out for hazards that distract you from the former.

Keep an eye on the rear-view mirror.

Day One is done. Now what do you do on Day Two? Simple answer: do all that you did right on the first day and make mistakes that you didn’t make on the first day. We are taught to not repeat our mistakes, but who ever said you can’t make new ones. That Day One is going to be full of them, so dust them off or cry them off, and make sure you show up on Day Two.

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