16: How much do I say?

Everyone has a set of subjects they’d love to talk about or that they need to talk about. Some people struggle with talking too much and some people struggle with not being able to talk to someone.

As usual, too much and too little are not acceptable, but how do you figure out a what’s the in-between? What if I suddenly talk too much about things that I shouldn’t be talking about and don’t talk enough about things that are important?

We are constantly screening ourselves based on the reaction of our audience, but what if we normalised it? What if we made it normal to talk about what makes us uncomfortable and to allow people to not feel awkward about creating a space for someone who needs it?

I am writing today to ask anyone who is reading to stop and think about yourself and about those who may need you to listen to them. Work together and figure out how much one should say in order to put their thoughts across and how much they should say in order for the audience to understand. It’s a two-way street and we ought to make it habitable.

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  1. I cannot stop talking…i always think that I should not talk too much…but the day I control talking, something is not right with me


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