11: I’m working on it.

Butterflies and bees flit from flower to flower and I from one area of improvement to the next. It’s not because I am proactive. If I was, I would know what to work on in a timely manner.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I am currently working on building a routine. There’s a version of myself I’d like to be and I know I’ll get there someday. I can’t set a deadline for that. I’d just pretend instead of actually evolving into that version.

While I work on that, I am also working on restoring my reading speed. Choosing to read the seemingly never-ending David Copperfield to begin with wasn’t the best decision, but I’ll consider it a challenge. So far so good at 117 pages. Let’s not get into how long it took me to read that far.

Before that, I was and still am following a skin routine to prepare for the winter. There are probably twenty other things that I add to my list, and it’s alright.

A lot of people I know figure out their areas of improvement on autopilot. I am the panic pilot, clearly, constantly checking and rechecking if anything requires my attention. Someday, I’ll enjoy the flight, but for now my plane’s still in the air. I’m working on it.

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