10: Do I choose to be disappointed?

I know books make me happy, so do ice-creams on extremely hot days, watching stars and sunsets by myself,  taking my time trying on 50 pairs of shoes and sharpening pencils. I don’t do these things all the time, but when I do I derive joy from it.

I mostly recall this list to calm my mind or overcome a dose of disappointment. There’s some technique where you think happy thoughts, well, this is my list for that occasion.

From time to time, I abandon this list for the sake of understanding what led me to disappointment. I know I can turn my mood around, but I’d rather figure out the root of it just so it’s easier to navigate disappointment the next time around. The only problem is that I forget that I was just exploring, and I end up wallowing instead. You know how it is: I’ll just eat one more piece of chocolate before I give it up for a month, you say, but you end up eating the whole bar and feel sorry about it. Nope, never sorry about that! Where was I – oh yeah, I spiral.

But when I’m winding down that night, I’ll be wondering if I chose to be disappointed. In honesty, on some days, the answer is yes. It’s not the best choice, but it’s mine and I might as well own it. We flaunt most moments on social media nowadays – anything from a broken nail to a surgery goes – so why can’t I just admit it quietly to myself? (Haha the joke’s on me if I am putting it up on my blog, right? Wrong. This was my choice, too.)

Admit to yourself, regardless of the thought or emotion. Own it. I chose to put it up here today for anyone who needed hear (or read) it.

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