9: I collect seashells.

Beaches have a special place in my heart. The thought of the land we walk on fading into the water ahead makes me feel vulnerable. We trust that this land will hold us and everything we come with, but once you see the waves crashing against the sand washing so much of it away, it’s humbling.

Every time the waves recede, I run up and collect as big a seashell as I can. It’s that moment which counts more than actually saving that seashell for eternity. They’re like opportunities waiting for us to grab them. Some are great, some are not even real seashells, but it’s the rush of running towards them and getting away in time that makes it worth it.

I used to be afraid when I was a child, imagining that the waves would swallow me. Once I succeeded in acquiring my first seashell, I loved the thrill. I was amazed by how it was all about timing, no matter what beach I was at, no matter which ocean or sea I was racing against.

Now, I collect seashells and put most of them back for others to find them or for them to be reclaimed by the water. I take the ones that stand out to me or I take one at random and I keep it to recall the rush of that moment. I collect more moments than seashells, eventually, but who’s to complain about that?

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