8: We’re just batteries.

All of us have a finite store of energy that we put to use and replenish day in and day out. How are we different from rechargeable batteries then?

Maybe the difference is our freedom in how we put that energy to use, unlike batteries assigned to devices.

We can use the same energy to do nothing and to do it all. We’re tired after a long day and we get tired of having nothing to do as well.

I had an active day today and it’s on these days that I realise how much energy I contain, so much of it that I waste on thinking and not acting on the thoughts.

P.S. Thank you for the dinner, Lady D. There’s so much we learn about ourselves in the process of understanding those we care about.

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  1. I agree to what you have written. Most of the time , just thinking and thinking , and doing nothing makes us tired. In that process, we forget about our energy levels. Also may be , if we do what we like brings our energy to magical levels!

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