6: It just takes some effort.

When I was a student, my father would always tell me that it’ll just take some effort to make a difference. He would apply it to academics, habits, routines, attitudes and personality traits.

Effort may seem like a deceptive concept. You’d have put in effort every single day and you might not have seen a sea change. Days, weeks and years pass and you’re still in the neighborhood of where you started out. Sounds familiar?

I’ve been there and the key was quality of the effort I put in, not the quantity. Over the course of two years in high school, I observed that I would study better concentrating for two hours, instead of splitting it over four leisurely ones. That became my formula for the rest of my academic experience, and it still counts.
I must admit I’ve been off track, but some introspection led me back to this gem of a line.

If a little bit of consistent effort is going to move me one step closer to my goal, why not keep at it? I hope to see you all at the finish line!

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  1. I do agree with you. The quality time concept. …I too used to follow it…And it definitely gives good result. Work towards your goal and see the change

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