3: Is this me?

I am a kind, ever-smiling person and I am always there for my friends and family. I follow a routine that includes working out, eating healthy, treating myself, journaling and working on projects that reflect my purpose. I feel great every morning and I never run late for anything. I take myself out on coffee & dessert dates and watch the sunset from my terrace from time to time.

No. No. And no.

That’s a version of me in my head that I hope to be someday, but it’s too much like a movie. The truth is, I find it tiring to smile all the time, even when I really want to; I’d rather save it for some other moment, which doesn’t make sense. I work out 15 days in a month, that’s a minimum with the maximum not to far away at 18 or 20 days. I haven’t ever followed a diet, but I am moderately healthy. I feel guilty at the thought of eating by myself somewhere, so taking myself out on a date is not an option yet. I aspire to be a morning person, but I am not doing so bad for now. Let’s not talk about time though; I hate that I am late for so many things and I hate that I don’t push myself enough to fix it. And to top it all off, I have watched the sunset from my terrace twice in the past six months. Yay.

How is it that I can have a version so clearly defined in my mind that I can’t seem to manifest? Perhaps, I can’t manifest it yet. That being said, I cut myself way too much slack.

Are you the version of yourself you want to be?

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts​.
    Its good that you have written about the routine you want to follow. That thought itself is great. Work towards it. Dont give up. Iam very sure you will fall into this routine one day. But don’t stress yourself for not doing it as of now. It will slowly happen. Trust me…..

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