Review: Life of Pi (Yann Martel)

Author: Yann Martel

Published: 2001

Language: English 

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Drama

Rating: 3.5/5

There is only so much that you can believe when you read a book. When it comes to Life of Pi, you start listening (or reading, obviously) to his story with a sack of salt just like his audience at the end of the book. I almost wrote a spoiler here!

On second thought, most people must have already watched the movie, so I don’t know if I can spoil the book more than a movie can.

It took me the longest time to get to this book because it was too celebrated for my taste. The same goes for the movie; I haven’t watched it and I don’t know if I will. There will be an edit inserted here in the future if I ever watch it. Promise.

There were too many people reading and enjoying this book, without a single critical comment and it made me wonder if I am going to read it just to fault it. So I put off reading it for the longest time. To add to it, I refused to read anything but a copy with the original cover art. Movie-covers are something you shouldn’t get me started on. Yuck.

I took my time looking for the right copy and I made Goldilocks proud. When I finally owned the copy that felt just right, I still didn’t want to read it. Three years later, I found myself looking for a book to take to Pondicherry. Et voilà! The novel takes off from Pondicherry and I had to take it along, wouldn’t you?

I sat with my feet in the sand and I began reading, feeling glad that I was far removed from anyone who’d give me an uncalled-for book review. I finished 100 pages with ease and I must say I mostly read to know how it ended. You get used to his reality at a point when you suspend your disbelief and accept that is possible to last more than one day on a boat with a hyena, a zebra, an orangutan and most surprisingly, a tiger.

There is also a point where I caught myself wondering if this is a work of fiction or a biographical account. Silly me. I reeled in my disbelief a little before continuing.

Overall, it tugged at my mind more than my heart. You can’t help but think about what you would have done in such an impossible situation. The Land of What Ifs is one that you can’t complete exploring; there are always new avenues opening the moment there is a shadow of a question.

I must say I haven’t read anything like it and that I was glad to have read it when I did. Also, hurrah for having completed writing a review within a year of reading the book. I have a long list of books with pending reviews. Doesn’t everyone?


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