What is the Best You Can Do?

Roald Dahl is my all-time favourite author due to his effortless versatility in his writing across genres. For a person to be able to write the way he does, you have to be willing to dive into experiences that are offered to you, instead of shying or running away from them.

I return to this quote so often that I have it written on the first page of my work diary. It makes sense on so many levels to me, personally. This approach has helped me work better, be more honest and most importantly, love better.

I aspire to be more open to choices and experiences, but it’s a challenge. It seems easy to tell someone to ‘try’ something. Right before I try, I have this feeling where everything around me zooms away from me and I get very thirsty and hot. It feels like I am an ant under someone’s magnifying glass and I’ll be toast if I don’t get moving. There are times where the same energy manifests as excitement, but it’s not that often.

Case in point here is my erratic routine. That’s an oxymoron, yes, but there’s no better way to describe what I do, or don’t do. There was a time when I had a clockwork routine; now not so much, although it’s getting there. Routines will only last as long as the next change in your life.

There have been a lot of changes in the past one year and I haven’t been able to accommodate all of them into my routine, so I let it go. There have been days in the past six months where I have had that feeling I mentioned earlier, the one before I try something. It would either be fleeting or it would last the entire day in a blank buzz.

Routines will only last as long as the next change in life.

When you can’t figure something out, you can ask someone to help you out or you can see what someone else is seemingly doing right and emulate it till you design your own ways. I have my husband to thank for unraveling the knots I can’t seem to tackle on my own. If you are reading this, Mr P, thank you with all my heart!

Addressing the question that is the title, the best I can do is try to be consistent in the smallest of things that I do. If I can’t do something every single day, I do it every other day or as many days as I can. I need to be accountable to myself. People may tell you that it’s great to have an accountability partner, and in some cases it is. However, on majority of days, you should be able to go to sleep satisfied or content or plain happy just knowing that you have done the best you can on that particular day or in totality.

For now, I am focusing on a set of actions at a time and I build from there. The way I think is, if I can sleep on time, I can wake up on time, I can then bathe and eat on time, go to work and return home in time to exercise or relax and rinse and repeat.

So easy! Not.

It takes some speed-breakers, missed opportunities, hitting all the red lights, and a slow transition to get it right and you will, in due time. It’s worth the tears, the moments when you feel like a failure, the instances you grit your teeth and keep pushing, the dull days and everything in between.

I am all or nothing in putting in efforts. Maybe I need to find a middle ground or balance within myself, but until that happens, I’ll be sticking to my routine and repeating to myself that lukewarm is no good.



P.S. Happy 2nd Anniversary to me on WordPress!

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  1. Thanks for this quote – I hadn’t heard it as for some reason Roald Dahl passed me by when I was younger… but now my kids absolutely love him!
    That’s great that you are accountable to yourself. Me too.
    Lovely post – Happy Anniversary!

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