To Someone Who Can’t Let Go

Dear Dreamers, you may send this letter to anyone who needs it 🙂


(Someone who can’t let go)

I will always be a part of you, just like you’ll be a part of me, wherever I go and I would like you to remember that. I am thankful for all that you’ve given me and done for me and I hope I can do the same for you someday, and perhaps for other people, but with a difference.

Humour me, for now. When you have a garden or even a couple of potted plants, you become mindful and you pay more attention to it than required because you don’t want anything to go wrong. Days pass and that attention dies down when you come to see that your plants are doing fine. For days on end, you water them, you do away with weeds, you trim and prune and then you become complacent. You forget that the season has changed and you didn’t change the way you cared for your plants, thus causing you the loss of some.

In our own garden of people, we forget that they change. We treat them the same over the years and overlook changes because that’s easier to do than make some changes in the systems we create between us. We love them, nurture them, go out of the way to make things possible, cheer them on, guide them and criticise them when needed. In spite of these interactions, we step over the moments when there is a need for space or a change in needs.

I will never ask you to change who you are for me, even if I disagree with you on some days, and I can’t change myself to suit you either. It is equally stifling for both of us to do that. In the garden that we have created, there are times when I needed a little more sun than the others or a quiet corner instead of being in the centre, and that’s okay. We look at our plants when they don’t survive and wonder what we did wrong, but the point is we do what we think is right. There are some plants that flourish in spaces we never think they will and some survive in typical spaces in nature, especially when left wild and seemingly free. Sometimes, the right thing to do is to offer that change and understand that the garden can’t always accommodate every need. 

The truth is, any space I create for myself will always have a reflection of the one we’ve made over the years, it just won’t be a replica of it. I will always carry the aspects I’ve loved and I will add to them with my own experiences. One day, I will have a garden of my own and I will have a reserve of courage and understanding to set my plants free when their needs change, even if I love their presence.

Change is always seen like a replacement of sorts, and it is sometimes, but more often than not it’s a rearrangement. In doing so, you may find old things you’ve loved, along with new ways of loving what you already have and that’s nice, you know? So try it, and and give it an honest shot.

I’ll see you around.


. . . . . . . . . . 

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  1. A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself – Quote by May Sarton
    Well written…Connecting the dots of life ….By gardening your thoughts 🙂

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