To Someone Who is Always Around

Dear Dreamers, you may send this letter to anyone who needs it 🙂


(Someone who is always around)

Thank you for always having my back and being there for me, no matter what. There are days when I fear that I may start expecting you to be there, however, that fear fades away. If I ever expect you to be around, I will stop appreciating the fact that you already do that of your own accord.

I love how you surprise me for no reason. The smile that you break into when you know that your plan has come through is pure magic. Now, multiply that by 10 when you surprise me on days that are ours to remember. You say it’s a matter of luck, but I think it’s the fact that you put your heart into each second that makes it possible.

Each day isn’t a bright one, but there are fireflies in my brain and heart when you call just to say ‘Hi’ in the middle of day like that. You light me up, is what I mean, but I am sure you understood that; you do even when I don’t say anything.

I always ask you how you say the right things, but I believe it feels right more so because you’re there to offer words of wisdom, comfort and criticism whenever needed. For that, I thank you.

It means the world to me when you literally go the distance to put a smile on my face. You have conjured incredibly unforgettable moments when you or your letters find me at the exact moment I wish you were there. You fulfill wishes before I make them and that blows my mind.

I will never ask you how you do it, how you are always around and how you plan to do so. Your presence is my share of magic on this planet and I shall always be thankful for it.

I hope to make you smile in my own ways and I promise to always be around, too.


. . . . . . . . . .

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