Making My Own Magic!

It’s been great, I’ll say that to begin with. It’s been a year beyond imagination. All it took was sharing what I already do, with 86 people and counting. Every time I post on my blog, I can’t believe that I reach out to as many people. It’s quite a feeling!

Thank you, Dreamers, for all the love, comments and feedback on my posts. I have a lot more up my sleeve, so stay tuned 😀

Here is how I would sum up my experience: you have to make your kind of magic, instead of looking for what would suit you.

What did I do right?

I kept it simple. I started with book reviews and stuck to it for a while before I branched out into writing all the other sections I have on my blog.

I took my time. Nothing ever happens in a day; I took my time to shape my blog and experimented a whole lot with themes and layouts before I chose one, for now.

I blog about what I love – books. There are SO MANY book reviewers out there, but that doesn’t mean I need to compete with them. This year has shown me what it is like to be a part of a community of sorts, something that I have always actively avoided all my life. We can all love books together!

I didn’t look at other blogs before I created my own. There are endless combinations to play with and I didn’t want be subconsciously inspired. I literally started from scratch and I would recommend that to anyone who would like to start a blog.

As a disclaimer of sorts, what I did right are things that worked out for me. That’s my magic, see?

How has blogging changed me?

Consistency is tough, but it is key. I have stats to corroborate this and that’s why I can’t deny it anymore. When you have proof of consistency, it changes your perspective of yourself. You begin to see how much you can achieve, if you put your mind to it, consistently.

I don’t feel the need to write something amazing each time I sit down to write a post. I just write. I don’t fixate on my style or a certain format. It has made itself, out of habit, if any signature style or format exists, that is!

I enjoy investing time in myself. Taking time out each day, or scheduling my posts is as good as going for a walk or having hot chocolate by myself. It is time I make for myself to create, to experiment and to unwind. It is my space, no matter how small or big, and I own it.

My Best Moments:

The day my blog reached 50 followers, I couldn’t wait to keep growing. Slowly and steadily, I found fellow Dreamers.

The review of White Mughals, written by William Dalrymple, has the highest views. Do you know why? It is is because Mr. Dalrymple retweeted it! To have my favourite author actually read my review of his book was a dream that came true way before I anticipated it. I still feel a little faint just thinking about it!

Every time someone leaves a comment on my reviews saying that it made them want to read the book, it pushes me to keep doing what I do. That’s all I want: as many readers as the planet can hold.

So, Happy First Anniversary to all of us! I hope there be many more and I shall make sure that there are. Keep dreaming! 🙂



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  1. ‘How has blogging Changed me?’ is my absolute favorite read.

    You’ve cracked the code to life and what makes it beautiful. Lovey post because it’s all you. To many more birthdays dreaming reading and blogging!

    Good vibes and energy and love coming your way,consistently. 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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