What’s the Plan?

Hello, Dreamers. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog so far! I am writing to ask you to hang in there and not abandon me just yet. Yes, I am still reading, and my ‘To Be Reviewed’ pile has grown considerably over the month. I have been in a mode of transition in the last two months and I have had to rearrange a few aspects of my life. I had to shake off a lot of complacency and swallow quite a bit of anticipation, which is the usual after-effect of a break of sorts.

When I created my blog in July, I planned to write every week and review all the books I had ever read so far, starting with the books that were a part of my project: A Year of Non-Fiction. I still have a list of more than 25 pending reviews and it nags me. I must admit I was over-enthusiastic, as we all are when it comes to something new.  And that’s alright because you understand what it really means to you once that initial charm wears off. It wasn’t that writing every week was too complex or too demanding a task; I just hadn’t found my footing yet. I hadn’t given too much of a thought to my style or a format for my book reviews, and I don’t think I should have gone down that road either. I think I have spent too much time analysing details that will define themselves over time.

Though I have been busy, it isn’t a strong enough reason to not have written on the blog. There is always time to do what you want; you just need to find time for it. Cue rolling eyeballs!

I sat down with my planner a few days ago and went through all the entries for September and observed that I hadn’t made use of the time I hadn’t logged in the planner. My weekly planner is for ‘important’ tasks, as is everyone else’s, right? I make notes about what I need to read, where I need to be and what I need to do, but I obviously don’t make a note of all the activities that I do in a day. Who does? I don’t mark a time slot to spend some time by and with myself, or to go for a walk, or make some green tea to sip while I stare at the rain, and I do these activities regardless and without giving too much of a thought to it. I never need a reminder to steal a freshly-baked cookie while it is still hot. These are things I do out of habit and not because they have been given a place in my planner.

And then there are things that I plan to plan to do. Oh, you read that right. I go into a mode where I plan to plan out certain activities because that’s how overthinking and procrastination work together. For the lack of a better sentence, it’s a dumb approach to planning. Writing that out is making me cringe a little.

From time to time I tell myself that the only way to do something is to do it. Surprisingly, I do listen to myself. This process becomes a cycle of productivity and passivity. The funny thing is I used to think this cycle was no way in my control and had a list of external factors attached to it. It has taken me most of this year to identify what’s in my control and this cycle is a new addition to that list. This simple realisation has helped me alter my approach to starting and completing any task that I take up, whether personal or professional,

The solution is a process of asking myself a few questions like:

  1. What is the outline of the task at hand?
  2. How much time do I need to dedicate to it?
  3. Am I satisfied with the outcome or result? If yes, great! If no, how much more time will it take to rework it?
  4. Do I need a break to refresh?

I have come to observe that I can alternate between productivity and passivity at will now. That’s good news because it circles back to the fact that we are responsible for our thoughts and actions, and that’s one thought we can all make space for in our brain boxes, don’t you think?

Though I still plan to plan, I take it a step further by making sure I go through with the plan I come up with. So, the plan for now is to post a review every week and keep my cycle in the productivity loop for as long as I can. I want to revive my Planner and get back to my attempts at maintaining a Bullet Journal as well. It is one most satisfying things at the end of the day to check items off a list and see a physical representation of the day I have had. Reading books is my ultimate comfort and sharing my review with you all makes it even better. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for responding to the posts!




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