Review: Colors of Immortality (J. M. Muller)

Author: J.M. Muller

Published: 2016

Language: English

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy

Rating: 3/5

J. M. Muller put out a request for bloggers to review her book and I am glad I took it up! It had been quite some time since I read these genres and thought it would be a nice change. After I read the blurb, which made me want to read the book, Muller sent across a free copy; I read a book on my Kindle after such a long time! I bet it is plotting to murder the ‘real’ books.

In Muller’s debut novel, the story revolves around 16-year-old Daniel Thatcher and his troubled life that takes as unusual turn into the paranormal realm. From losing loved ones and finding the love of his life, there are hard decisions that need to be taken and time seems to be running out all the time. Daniel stumbles upon a whole new world beyond his imagination and understanding – who would be able to understand that there is a clan of undead people residing in the woods and is looking to recruit?

Creating a whole other system of logic in a book requires quite a bit of effort in order to write it and also to bring your readers to believe in it. Muller did leave some loopholes that were filled in through the course of the book and were quite intriguing.

We are so used to zombies by now that we probably wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbours turned into them overnight. Colors of Immortality was a whole new world that showed the undead in forms that I haven’t come across before. Also, I couldn’t help imagining watching a movie based on this. It could be quite an awesome screenplay.

I liked the concept of the auras and that people have different coloured auras based on their personalities, strengths and capabilities. I happen to believe in it and I hope mine is purple! Then again, there are people who stand out because their auras are so bright and these are the people that they Velores seek. A person’s aura determines how he or she is to be transformed into a member of one of the seven groups the clan is divided into.

The one aspect I wasn’t convinced with was how much Daniel and Fantasia were made for each other; they meet and instantly fall in love, with Daniel drooling at the thought of her, but he proceeds to take life-changing decisions that seem like it’s all for her, but there are so many other factors involved. Another thing to keep in mind about Daniel is that he was with another girl, Sarah, who was the love of his life then, who allegedly cheats on him and then he meets Fantasia and forgets about Sarah. I understand that love is a strong force, but Daniel felt a little cartoony. Fickle much, Daniel Thatcher?

All the characters in the book felt like they were cramped into tight outlines and no one stood out to me. They pretty much blended together and I was taking notice only when they were present in the particular scene or dialogue, and it was hard to keep track otherwise. Although the concept of the Velores is quite interesting, the characters needed a lot more space to themselves, especially the Mighty Seven, who rule one of the seven clans, and what their clans stand for. Each other groups and their leaders could have been defined better in order to be memorable.

There is a sequel coming, which I am curious about thanks to the last section in the book called ‘The Legend’. Up until that point, you only know that the Velores exist and not how they came to be. This last bit changed the tempo of the book and was a good hook for the sequel. One last loophole, that I hope will be elaborated later, is the nature of immortality – it is presented as a substance that a man happens to find by chance. This section is what pulled the book through to 3/5 stars. As interesting as the blurb was, the book fell short because of the empty characters. The language and flow of thoughts was easy to follow, with vocabulary invented to support the world she created in the book, as is the case with fantasy novels.

Colors of Immortality was a refreshing change from all the non-fiction and crime fiction that I have been reading and I think a younger audience will definitely enjoy this book. I wish J.M. Muller all the best for her books to come and it was a pleasure to be able to speak with her as I read the book, and I thank her for the opportunity.


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