Make Yourself Comfortable

Please take a seat; there is plenty of space at my desk. Grab a tea, coffee or water, if you like and make yourself comfortable. You are currently sitting in my comfort zone and it used to be a place I saved just for myself, till I discovered countless other individuals who are as crazy as I am about books, reading, stationery and stories.

I used to define reading as a passion, which it is, but for a while now I have regarded it as a calling of sorts. Reading has changed me for good and there is no going back. There is nowhere to go back to, in fact, because I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading. There was something about being able to make sense of letters and words on a page that excited me when I was a child and I wanted to read everything I could. I started writing, too, but never seriously. Reading and writing were my personal activities, or hobbies, if you want to call it that, and I was hilariously secretive about it.

I still maintain a journal and draw great satisfaction from it. I started experimenting with the Bullet Journal style this year and I am figuring that out. More on this later!

Dreaming At My Desk started as an Instagram account in December 2016 and has led to this blog. I have come to see that there is always a place for you in the world, if you seek it out and intend to find it. I was holed up in my comfort zone, believing that I was unique and maybe I am, but it doesn’t hurt to be a part of a community, tribe or species, or a part of something, whatever that is.

I have understood that I can welcome others into my comfort zone and learn so much by doing so, and that expanding and pushing it, leads to wonders. So here I am doing just that as I put my thoughts, book reviews and musings out into the world. Please do make yourself comfortable and stay tuned for more.


Nandika's Notes :

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Reader. Learner. Dreamer.
I am all about the little things in life!

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